Apply for a dangerous wild animal licence

Before you start

Please use this form to apply for a new licence or renew a licence to keep dangerous wild animals.

Application cost

Fees for new licence and renewal applications, and at which stages these are payable, can be found on the Dangerous Wild Animals licence page (link opens in new window).

Please have the following information ready 

  • Details of the species and number of animals you intend to keep
  • Any animal related disqualifications you have
  • The animal accommodation (construction, size, ventilation and temperature)
  • Food provision, storage and preparation
  • Exercise arrangements
  • Veterinary care, including preventative measurers
  • Emergency arrangements including fire
  • Insurance details
  • Your payment card (debit or credit card)

Using this form

Please have all information ready as each page of this form will expire after 1 hour.

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Privacy Statement

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