Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support self-employed income form

If you want to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, fill in this form to tell us about any self-employment. Please be aware, if the company is a Limited Company and you are an employee, for example a director or secretary, you are employed and will need to provide pay slips or accounts showing directors wages. 

You need to fill in one of these forms for each business you are involved in. 

Please note

  • Private expenses can't be included as a business expense.
  • You can't include losses that have, or will be, replaced from insurance claims.
  • You can't include losses that are a result of expansion. 

Income from self-employment is usually calculated on an annual basis. You are expected to budget for any variation in your income for trading activities during the year. You will not need to report monthly or seasonal changes in your earnings which are expected as part of your normal trading activity.

We will contact you every year and request that you provide your up to date accounts to ensure your claim is up to date. You only need to report changes in your circumstances where there has been a significant change in the way your business operates, for example if you:

  • increase or reduce the hours your business trades for on a permanent basis 
  • lose or gain a new contract 

This form will ask you to provide

  • Your details including National Insurance number.
  • Details of your business including the name, type, when you started the business, a brief description of your normal daily work and the number of hours you usually work per week.
  • If you pay into a private pension scheme, how much and how often you pay, and proof of this. 
  • If your business is a partnership, the number of partners and their names and addresses, the percentage of the profit that is yours, and how much they get paid (if they're on the payroll).
  • If you have audited accounts, a copy of your latest profit and loss account. 
  • Details of your accountant (if you have one).
  • If you don't have audited accounts, a full breakdown of the income and outgoings of your business (if you have only just started trading, please provide estimated accounts for at least your first three months trading).

Please have this information ready as pages time-out after one hour.

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Privacy Statement

Dover District Council is a Data Controller under GDPR.  In submitting this form we will collect and process your personal data.  For information about your rights and how the Council uses your data,  please view our Corporate and relevant service privacy notice which can be found on our Privacy Page