Application to keep Dangerous Wild Animals

This form has a maximum of 12 pages

Please use this form to apply for a licence to keep dangerous wild animals

Licence cost

  • Grant of new licence: £250 (+ Vet fees)
    £182 is payable on application and non-refundable 
    The remaining £89 will be payable when your application is approved
  • Renewal: £211 (+ Vet fees)

A licence lasts for two years

  • Vet fees will be invoiced to you after the inspection

Please have the following information ready 

  • Details of the species and number of animals you intend to keep
  • Any animal related disqualifications you have
  • The animal accommodation (construction, size, ventilation and temperature)
  • Food provision, storage and preparation
  • Exercise arrangements
  • Veterinary care, including preventative measurers
  • Emergency arrangements including fire
  • Insurance details
  • Your payment card (debit or credit card)

Please have all information ready as each page of this form will expire after 1 hour.

Privacy Statement

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